Breaking that daily routine

Coffee has come to symbolize the daily routine we all fall victim to. Waking up with a first coffee, doing some work and having a second coffee. We want to break this association by producing ridiculously funky, refreshing drinks that empower and give a healthy sparkle to your day and night.

Our three aspirations

We aim to challenge companies with huge marketing efforts convincing customers to drink sodas filled with artificial flavoring and unhealthy preservatives. We do this by offering a healthy, natural, craft soda alternative that is brewed locally and with care.

Challenging the status quo

We are more than aware of the impact that the beverage industry has on the environment. For this reason, we have a commitment against plastic bottles, only serving our product in cans and glass. In addition, we plant a tree per tray of (24) bottles sold to compensate for pollution that cannot be avoided.

Promoting a sustainable future

We don't just want to produce refreshing drinks. Instead, we want to develop funky products with complex flavors that trigger your senses upon consumption. Not only are those drinks tasty as is, you can also perfectly well combine them in cocktails. For further information, please see our Recipes page.

Adding a sparkle to your day

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your drinks contain any food colouring or preservatives?

Our KaffeeSpritz drinks are purely made using natural ingredients, and therefore do not contain any preservatives and/or food colourings.

Where can we buy your drinks?

We are currently in the pre-launch process. We aim to have our drinks readily available in store by June 2022.

Do your drinks contain any alcohol?

Our drinks are free from alcohol, but can be used to create cocktails. For more information, please refer to our recipes page.

How may we reach your customer service department?

For any questions or complaints, please use our contact form so that we can review your query and get back to you as soon as possible.

What environmental impact do your drinks have?

We aim to deliver a carbon-negative footprint, which we do by planting a tree per tray of KaffeeSpritz sold. Our goal is to promote this “Tree per Tray” mindset and encourage other companies to follow our lead.